What to do When Someone Disrespects You — 4 Comments

  1. How can I simply walk away from a parent if I dont know what an abusive parent looks like. An abusive parent might be the norm for someone who has grown up with them. They may have no clear moral compass and as far as they’re concerned they are utterly on their own, it is hard to know who to trust and how to go about the problem because it’s such a complex problem that requires sophisticated diagnosing strategies, that are way beyond the control of a helpless kid.

    My mum had a massive row with me to go to art college because she wants me to live in footsteps of my uncle who is an artist. I ended up doing some random course in art I didn’t like instead of studying graphic design or marketing, she keeps money from my dad, asks what he is constantly up to, has constant arguments. Also I have a disability which makes it hard for me to have my own dependence since I’ve been Co-defendant on my parents for so long.

    • I have a toxic mother too. The best thing is to set boundaries. My birth mother dosn’t want to be my family any more,as time passes our relation becomes colder and colder,if any meeting happen ,she is just disrespectful,…My advice is to follow your dreams. I have accepted mother nature as a mother and I have found great things in universe, if someone as parent doesn’t want to be open and they don’t want to love and serve unconditionaly ,just leave them alone, be strong and honest with yourself, you know how to get along with your disability. There is great love in universe. sometimes it will be difficult but the result worth it

  2. Am glad I read this article, it has confirmed my decision to break off totally from my dad who had disrespected me for So long and refused to change despite all my efforts to get him to change his attitute.

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