Phyllis Klein, LCSW

Phyllis Klein, LCSW

I am interested in helping you overcome and heal your pain and sorrow, anger and frustration, confusion and stuckness. People say I am warm and compassionate, a good listener, someone who is patient and perseverant in my efforts to help. My extensive experience as a therapist helps me to help you. Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to develop my intuitive skills and sensitivity to your needs. As a woman, I have been able to develop my empathy and understanding in my role as a therapist.  I am also able to understand women’s issues and from that vantage point, men’s issues as well.

Listen to this audio information about how I work as a therapist:

My desire to continue learning is exciting and stimulating. My specialty in trauma includes working with eating disorders, body image concerns, anxiety, depression, grief, substance abuse, health problems, life transitions and stress reduction. I specialize in understanding women’s needs and this helps me understand men and couples. In the context of a therapeutic relationship, I use the techniques of EMDR, Focusing Oriented Therapy (somatic), Writing for healing (art therapy), and Restorative Yoga ideas and techniques. These are optional, used as needed.

Working with people struggling with complex PTSD and dissociation is important to me. Those who have been seriously abused in childhood must bear tremendous pain in order to survive. Experience, sensitivity, and the ability to recognize and work with complexity are essential skills needed by a therapist to be helpful with these wounds.

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